What issues, other than those Vicale chose to evaluate, would you have included in your research plan for HeroBuilders.com

1 Which of the four types of
studies are presented in this case.
2 Using
the criteria in
Exhibit 2-1, evaluate
the research that
HeroBuilders.com conducted prior to launching its hero and villain
action figure business.
3 What issues, other than those Vicale
chose to evaluate, would you
have included in your research plan for HeroBuilders.com?
You will read
the assigned case study and analyze the case scenario/research through a series
of questions. The overall structure of each case is similar in that each case
begins with an abstract followed by a description of the scenario/research and concludes
with a discussion about the situation. The discussion is simply a series of unique
questions about the case scenario that you will answer as your Case Study
No abstract is required for the Case
Study Assignment nor are an introduction or conclusion; simply type the
questions as an APA style heading and respond. Ensure the following are met:
· Must
be supported with at least 4 scholarly (peer reviewed) research articles in
your response.
· Must
be at least 900 words (the word count does not include the question text, cover
page, or reference page)
· Use
proper grammar, current APA format and submit in MS Word format

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