What does it mean that the woman is French and the man is German, in terms of gender codes?

Each answer should be an essay with an introduction with a thesis statement,body paragraphs proving the thesis, and a conclusion.
*** Be sure to use specific examples and direct quotes from the texts to support your arguments! ***
You may only use the texts assigned on the course syllabus, and not any sources from outside of the course. Resist the urge to cut and paste from other sources, either literally or figuratively by using other people’s ideas. If I find that you have used other people’s ideas (including Wikipedia, Amazon reviews, book jacket descriptions, etc.), I will not accept the assignment because I will not be able to consider it your own work.
Prompt 1. Vercors, Silence of the Sea, pp. 1-47 (in the original version: the one attached to the link in this module).
This Resistance novel was published secretly in Paris in 1942 when the city was occupied by Nazi Germany. Analyze the gender roles as played out by the novel’s main characters. What does it mean that the woman is French and the man is German, in terms of gender codes? Do they follow conventional ideas about gender? What is the definition of resistance in this novel, and how would the novel encourage French men and/or women to engage in resistance against the Nazis?
Link for the novel
Also I uploaded the novel too

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