What are the two main ways that consumers are backed up by legal protections?

Choose five (5) questions to write in your own words about out of the following. No less than two (2) pages of content, single-spaced. Use quotations around each of your selected questions. Take your TurnItIn score into consideration as well.
What’s the difference between deceitful advertising and direct falsehoods?
Define the reasonable consumer standard for consumer protection. How is it different from the ignorant consumer standard?
What are two arguments in favor of granting marketers wide latitude to promote their products?
What are two arguments in favor of forcing marketers to stay very close to the pure truth when promoting their products?
Put into your own words the definition of consumerism.
How can an ad create a desire?
Why might an advertiser seek to create a desire?
Make the case that ads that create desires violate a consumer’s basic rights.
Why might a consumer want advertisers to create desires?
What is a viral ad?
With reference to the concept of economic asymmetry, why is advertising aimed at children the subject of special concern?
Why might an advertising company feel obligated to limit the places in which its work appears in the name of protecting the noneconomic parts of our lives?
Why might someone want advertising to be everywhere?
What does caveat emptor mean?
What are some purchases that are typically made within a consumer ethics of caveat emptor?
What is an implicit contract? How is it created from a particular transaction?
What are the two main ways that consumers are backed up by legal protections?
How do renegade consumers create protections against defective products?
What characteristics make up a capable consumer?
Again, list your questions in quotes above your answers. Doing so lowers your TurnItIn score.

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