What are some possible ramifications when scientific information is misused in society?

Science news articles are a great way to learn about new ideas, discoveries, and research. However, it’s important to evaluate the authority and credibility of sources of information. In this activity, you will practice your reading comprehension and source evaluation skills by answering a series of questions about a science news article. Then you will synthesize your answers to determine whether the article is trustworthy.
The purpose of this activity is to learn, explore and apply some basic methods for evaluating the quality of scientific information.
This activity revolves around reading, analysis, and writing. You should be careful to make sure your reasoning is clear, your language is easy to understand, and your grammar and spelling are good.
Determining whether the information we encounter in the world is accurate has always been a problem. In the age of the internet, we have unprecedented access to information, but the struggle to determine if it is credible may only have gotten worse. Here are a few resources (some videos, some text-based guides) for grappling with this issue. View or read at least two of these (your choice) to help inform your work in the rest of this activity.
Evaluating Sources for Credibility (
https://youtu.be/PLTOVoHbH5c (Links to an external site.)
, ~3 min)
North Carolina State University Library
Evaluating sources and the CRAAP test (
https://youtu.be/lOTmXNRXp8k (Links to an external site.)
, ~9 min)
PhysicsHigh YouTube channel
The Four Moves: SIFT (an alternative to the CRAAP test, ~6 min of reading time)
https://hapgood.us/2019/06/19/sift-the-four-moves/ (Links to an external site.)
Part 1: Evaluating news stories about science
When reading an article, webpage, blog post, etc. about a scientific topic, list three features that might make you question the credibility and/or the accuracy of the information. For each feature, briefly explain why it should make you doubt the credibility of the information.
Part 2: Examining news about science
1. By searching online, find a recent (less than six months old) news article about science. Summarize the article in 3-5 sentences. Try to present the article accurately, without any judgement or adding your own spin.
2. Do you find the article credible? Describe at least three aspects of the article that led you to your conclusion.
3. What are some possible ramifications when scientific information is misused in society?

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