What are some defining qualities of the storytelling?

This is based on the poem book “Electric Arches” by poet and scholar Eve L. Ewing. This paper needs to be written on the analysis of the book + providing contextual information. This is a book based on story telling, and the essay is to be rooted in analysis.
Close-Reading + Contextual Information: 1 paper must incorporate contextual information for the purpose of supplementing your analysis.
Analyzing a text involves focusing on an aspect of the storytelling and examining the elements that come together to produce an effect. Things to consider:
What are some defining qualities of the storytelling?
What elements come together to create those qualities?
What are some specific moments in the story where we can see these elements in action?
How can you unpack these moments for your reader, emphasizing the significance you see in their contribution to the storytelling?
*You can assume your reader is familiar with the text, just not that they will interpret things exactly as you will. Therefore, it is your job to articulate the significance you are seeing.
NOTE:Incorporating Contextual Information: this is not asking you to give a report on the contextual information, but rather to use it to add a deeper understanding to the aspect of the text you are analyzing.
investigating the details of an impactful historical event to better understand the choices/circumstances/etc. of the characters.
investigating a specific social/cultural norm within the era and/or location of a story in order to better understand the choices/circumstances/etc. of the characters.
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