Visual Rhetorical Analysis

Jennifer Perez
Apr 26, 2022Apr 26 at 1:51am
Manage Discussion Entry
Visual Rhetorical Analysis
The visual representation of the website, “The Humane Society” is showing awareness of animal rescues and encourage anyone to donate to a good cause. The photo that appears at the top of the website, as soon as the website opens, gives an example of pathos as it shows a recuse being loved on by a person representing the Humane Society while also expressing where donations will be going towards. The audience they are trying to reach are those who are animal lovers or people who enjoy donating to charities. The context in the visual is portraying animal cruelty being a serious matter going on and by donating to the Humane Society, it may lead to helping thousands of animals all around the world. The visual element to persuade the view to help animals that are I need of attention is seen on the top right-hand corner where a donation box is displayed and a quote stating “You love helping animals. So do we.” (HSUS, 2021). A visual that could be different to improve the visual would be the $60 suggestion already in the donation box. The suggestion can cause those who visit the website to feel obligated to donated more than the suggest amount being shown. Aspects that the visual is most effective is the middle section of the website where a quote reads “We fight for all animals.” (HSUS, 2021). Underneath the quote is a description of how they believe having a big supportive can achieve great thing to help innocent animals that are suffering. Overall, the Human Society is going a great job with their website as it shows their love and compassion for all animals. Just it states in the Bible, “A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked are cruel.” (Proverbs, 12:10). With the way the website is presented as a pathos, it would be difficult to pass up helping a vulnerable animal in seek of protection.
Angela Reed
SundayMay 1 at 8:33pm
Manage Discussion Entry
The Humane Society of the United States features the images that have been well known with their organization. The main audience of this is really anyone who loves animals or even for those who may now. The image is used to pull on the emotions of the viewer who sees the visual. At first glance the viewer is drawn to the sad eyes of the mangy dog. From the image the dog is visibly not well taken care of, which is seen by the lack of fur on his neck and face. The man in the image is staring into the dogs eyes smiling as if to say everything will be okay now. The viewer can also focus on another goal of the Humane Society which is to raise money for the care of these animals. A Clear donation box is seen to the left of the image of the man and dog with text to incite emotion in the viewer. The image is used to incite sadness in the viewer, so that the viewer will be urged to make a donation to an animal in need. This then will encourage the viewer to want to donate, so the purpose is a call to action. The sadness in the dogs eyes makes this visual very effective in evoking the emotions of the viewer using pathos. Pathos is a persuasive technique which uses emotions and feelings to grasp the reader or viewers attention. The visual of the condition of the dog makes it very effective in drawing attention to the purpose of the organization.

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