research paper needs to be anything about the body.

The research paper needs to be anything about the body. Not in regards to anatomy but more about inner struggle. (ex: eating disorders due to struggle with body image, inner struggle due to homosexuality, etc) It needs to first have a thesis statement for the first page, an outline for the second page, an annotated bibliography and then the research paper (which needs to be at least 4-5 pages. If any further questions please feel free to contact me.
Additional information from promot:
Your research MUST focus on a topic of your choosing under our semester theme: The Body. You will be using a formal tone and writing primarily in third person narration (he / she / it / they / them / their). Also, your research needs to stay within the United States. You have enough to research here without opening up globally. Your research is a tight four pages minimum. In your research, I am looking for a strong thesis statement, strong points, and strong evidence with strong sentences, strong paragraphs, and strong structure throughout

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