Is the story about government or non-government social welfare?

You will need to identify an article/segment/story that has to do with US social welfare (at the national, state, or local level). Read/listen/watch attentively and take notes. You will produce a 3-5 page paper on this item, fully documenting your source, according to APA guidelines. In the case of online sourcing, please submit the link with your paper. Essentially it’s a summary of the article, what your learned and- optionally- your opinion of the issue and article. More specifically:
The content of the paper will answer these questions:
What is the issue/subject of the story? Fully describe the background and context of your subject matter. Be careful to avoid plagiarism in your report.
Is the subject more pro- or more anti-social welfare? Offer your rationale for your opinion on this, exercising critical thinking and analysis, not simply noting whether it’s “a good thing” or a “bad thing”.
Is the story about government or non-government social welfare? How are the auspices of this issue relevant to the story?
What did you learn from this story? How did it impact your understanding and perception of social welfare?

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