How does the story of the Radium Girls, and their legal battles, tie into ethics in science?

For the second half of the semester, I have been asking you to read the book The Radium Girls. Aside from the final exam test, this report will make up half of your final exam grade.
Please include the following in your report.
1. Minimum of 4 pages, double spaced.
2. How does the story of the Radium Girls, and their legal battles, tie into ethics in science?
3. In the beginning, the ladies were very excited to work in these factories, and later on, they realized their jobs were in fact killing them. Discuss the emotional journey for the workers, and for yourself, the reader.
4. What was the most interesting part of this book?
5. What was the most difficult part of this book ?
6. How do you feel about the way the United States Radium Corporation responded to the complaints of the dial painters?
7. Would a story similar to the Radium Girls ever happen in today’s world? Why or why not? Think of OSHA….
8. Anything else you would like to include about your experience reading The Radium Girls

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