how does he fit into the conventional Renaissance romance plot conventions?

Many recent performances seem to perform Prospero as Dumbledore-Prospero or Gandalf-Prospero—are these appropriate given the genre of the play? Look at Prospero as the hero in this romance—how does he fit into the conventional Renaissance romance plot conventions? (I would add that one of the twists Shakespeare puts on his romances is the father/daughter relationship—his late romances center on a father/daughter plot of some sort. Clearly, this fits The Tempest).
Alternatively, how do we understand Prospero’s character? Is he fundamentally a “good guy” or a “bad guy”? Choose and explain one scene that defines his moral identity for the audience..
Although straightforward, this is still a big topic–find a way to narrow it down to a manageable 1-pg size and use your text to support your argument (engage the text at the word level, not just the plot level).
Please follow the instructions and make sure that the paper is plagiarism-free.

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