How can the curriculum be changed so that the material being taught is relevant to all children’s lived experiences?

Focus question: How can the curriculum be changed so that the material being taught is relevant to all children’s lived experiences? Does it make sense to have one national curriculum, or should curricula aim at teaching similar information through different means in order to accommodate all students?
1. Introduction: Briefly describe the issue you will be researching and its importance.
2. Theoretical Foundation: Review of literature. Briefly describe theoretical positions. Referring to the research – summarize the findings that you consider important. It is important that you write about what you understand the literature is saying about the topic.
3. Analysis and Discussion: This section should show analysis, reflection, on what you have learned from this work. It should consist of a series of paragraphs that progress logically through the series of points that you intend to cover. Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of the selected topic you wrote about.
4. References: At least 8 references, which should be from at least one book, periodical, and scholarly articles. Proper citation should be noted – APA style
grading criteria:
Complete and coherent. Void of spelling or grammatical mistakes.
Development of your thoughts with valid evidence and arguments.
Demonstration of your knowledge and understanding of the readings.
Ability to show the relationships between the reference materials and your personal experiences and standpoints.
Professor is very thorough in search for plagarism PLEASE make sure everything used is cited

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