Explain briefly which readings you will apply and why

The steps to follow for the essay are:
1. The topic is ‘corporate social responsibility’. The third article link is most relevant.
–>class readings:

Don’t Be Impressed with the Space Billionaires

2. Identify an article from a major newspaper, magazine, or broadcast news network (New York Times,
Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, L’Actualité, The Economist, CBC, CNN, etc.)
that discusses a specific event that pertains to the topic you have chosen.
Examples of an event include a corporate protest, a new law or regulation, a new study that came out on CEO pay, etc. Generally, the event has a specific date associated with it.
The event must have happened in the prior 3 weeks and must be from a major news outlet
(a newspaper or magazine with a regular print edition or a broadcast news network).
Other than that, you may pick whatever event you feel will allow you to apply the readings.
3. Do a quick search on this event to find related articles (if it is covered in one major media
outlet, it will almost surely be covered in others around the same time),
again all published in the last 6 months by a major news outlet,
in order to develop a grasp of the particulars of the event.
4. Use the readings from the class in which the topic is discussed to gain insight into the event
and/or to support or challenge the ideas in the readings.
If you are having trouble doing this, re-read the articles from class in greater depth to find connections not immediately obvious, or go back to step 2 and identify another event.
5. Write an essay of 850 words (min 800, max 1,000, excluding references) that connects the readings to the event.
Here is an example flow to the essay:
a) State the topic and briefly explain the event (provide sources in bibliography).
b) Explain briefly which readings you will apply and why
c) Connect the readings to the event. For example, how do the readings help us gain a
better understanding of the event? Or, how does the event support or contradict aspects of the readings?
d) Conclude by offering an informed opinion (based on c. above) of the event.
Please note that these reflections should have a formal shape to them: an opening, a body, and a
closing that brings together the concerns you have raised throughout the piece. You may of course
use rhetorical devices such as a series of rhetorical questions, lists, etc.: however, devices should
not give way to a loss of form. Additionally, I encourage you to use your personal reflections as an
opportunity to start formulating a position. If you call attention to theoretical or ethical problems
with the article you discuss, take a stand on how the problems ought to be addressed or managed,
in your opinion, remaining aware of how your prescriptive assumptions are influencing your
The goal here is simple: show that you have thought carefully about and understood the readings,
using the current event as a means of doing so.
The evaluation criteria are as follows:
1. Selection and description of the event: is the event a good choice for the topic of the
class? Was it well understood and clearly described?
2. Reading comprehension: Does the essay show a good understanding of the readings?
3. Reading application and depth of insight: Are the readings well applied to the event?
Does the essay provide meaningful insights on relevant topics by applying readings to the
4. Quality of writing and referencing: Is the writing clear? Is there a logical flow to the
essay? Are all sources well cited?

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