Describe the ethical behaviors used by the researchers of the studies.

In the previous assignment, you analyzed the research component in the literature of the field for the topic of your interest. In this assignment, you’ll delve deeper by analyzing the theory behind the topic. You’ll gain an understanding of the theory before analyzing and synthesizing it into the literature review.
You will be using the resources you choose for this assignment as part of your literature review in Week 7 and to help support a proposed research study of your choosing in Week 9. Note that the assignments in this course build on one another. It is a good idea to look ahead to the assignments in Weeks 7 and 9 to begin to think about a topic you might be interested in researching. This is a good time to select articles for this assignment that will help support your ideas for the Weeks 7 and 9 assignments.
For your Theories and Ethics assignment, use the Capella library and course readings to locate a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles (published within the last 10 years) that discuss a biological psychology topic of interest to you (the same topic you used for your Week 2 assignment). For example, you might be interested in:
Neurobiology of ecstasy (MDMA) abuse.
Progression of reading ability in a child diagnosed with autism.
Effectiveness of a new drug to treat depression.
You are not limited to these topics but may choose one of these if you are interested. They are listed to help give you an idea of types of appropriate topics.
Use the following outline to organize your paper:
Describe the topic of the paper.
Describe the theory used in the articles you chose.
Explain how the theories are applied to the topic and to the research findings.
Describe the ethical behaviors used by the researchers of the studies. (For example, how did they protect the participants?)
Explain how these ethical behaviors can be used in your life.
Paper Requirements
Format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting. Use the APA Paper Template [DOCX]. In the final section of the assignment you are asked to apply the theories and principles of biological psychology to your own life and career. In this portion of the assignment, first-person language is acceptable; in other sections, the third-person rule continues to apply.
Number of resources: Minimum of 5–7 peer-reviewed journal articles.
Length of paper: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times new Roman, 12 point.
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Submit the Theories and Ethics assignment by Sunday.

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