Describe some key missions and their findings in our search for life beyond our solar system.

Select three of these learning objectives to be discussed. write a post which discusses the three learning objectives you have selected. (MAKE SURE TO LIST THE OBJECTIVE BEING USED)
There is a word length requirement for your initial post. If you wish to receive full credit for your initial post, it must be at least 200 words long as measured by a word processor, such as, MS Word.
Chapter 30: Life in the Universe
Describe the chemical and environmental conditions that make Earth hospitable to life.
Discuss the assumption underlying the Copernican principle and outline its implications for modern-day astronomers.
Recognize the questions underlying the Fermi paradox.
Describe the chemical building blocks required for life.
Describe the molecular systems and processes driving the origin and evolution of life.
Describe the characteristics of a habitable environment.
Describe some of the extreme conditions on Earth, and explain how certain organisms have adapted to these conditions.
Outline what we have learned from the exploration of the environment on Mars.
Identify where in the solar system life is most likely sustainable and why.
Describe some key missions and their findings in our search for life beyond our solar system.
Explain the use of biomarkers in the search for evidence of life beyond our solar system.
Explain why spaceships from extraterrestrial civilizations are unlikely to have visited us.
List efforts by humankind to communicate with other civilizations via messages on spacecraft.
Identify the various SETI programs scientists are undertaking.

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