Choose the reports that you believe are your best work or the most interesting topic.

We will continue to use the PLAN-DO-REPORT-REFLECT format to work like statisticians preparing analyses for data-driven decisions. In Modules 3, 4, 5, and 7, you will share your reports with peers rather than submit them for direct grading. These team discussions will span two module weeks. You will submit your draft report for the module’s topic in the first module week then review the draft from one classmate in the second model week.
Review the Peer Reviewer Action List in the Statistical Report: Peer Review Process page.
After incorporating the suggestion(s) of a peer, you will submit a final version for two of the reports. In Module 7, there will be a separate assignment for submitting the report from either Module 3 or 4. In Module 9, there is another assignment for submitting the report from either Module 5 or 7. Choose the reports that you believe are your best work or the most interesting topic.
You can view and post to this discussion from either Module 3 and Module 4.
The Guided Example on pages 617-621 in the text provides a thorough report for the search for a predictive model of home selling prices based on data including five variables known to influence price answering a statistical question and drawing inference about the influence age has on the opinion on the importance of appearance. For your assignment, you will have data with several quantitative measurements.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Branded Food Products Database has information on approximately 33 granola bars sold in the United States in 2017. Use the Granola Bar Data Set (XLSX) Download Granola Bar Data Set (XLSX)to find a multiple regression model for predicting calories based on appropriate nutritional factors.
Don’t forget to check conditions and mention any limitations of the model.
In Modules 3 and 4, you used the PLAN-DO-REPORT-REFECT format to create statistical reports using the multiple regression model and chi-square tests. You submitted those reports to your team discussion area and received feedback from one of your peers.
Select one of the two reports and revise it based on the peer review comments and additional information you have learned since then.

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