choose a topic that relates to social inequality, and write a short sociological analysis of it

7% of your grade is based on this visual essay. This paper asks you to choose a topic that relates to social inequality, and write a short sociological analysis of it, while bringing in visual images (should be a mix of 3-5 photographs you take, and images found on the internet) to highlight the issue.
You can choose any topic you’d like, as long as it is an issue related to social inequality. Here is a list of potential topics to help get you started—you do not have to choose a topic from this list, but these are just some ideas to help you get started.
Hate crimes against any marginalized group
Transphobia or homophobia
Misrepresentation of any group in the media
Wage gap, or any other form of workplace discrimination
The Criminal Justice System & Crime: Crime rates, race and ethnicity in the criminal justice system, gender and the criminal justice system, problems in the criminal justice system, etc.
Gender: Gender inequality in work, media, family life, religion, etc.
Racial discrimination in the workplace (or education, or any institution)
Healthcare: Unequal health access/outcomes
After choosing your topic, you should write 3-5 pages of text about your topic. Do some light research, using your book, and at least 2 peer reviewed articles. See course resources or a librarian for help finding a peer reviewed article if you do not know how to do so. Make sure to cite your source(s), and format your paper in MLA or APA style.
Once you’ve written your text, bring in 3-5 images into your paper that you think illustrates the relevance of it. Your images should bring your topic to life, and illustrate some of the key points you discussed in your paper. You should defend the images, and cite them properly in your properly.

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