write an essay responding to ONE of the following essay topics

Word count: 1000 words (not including quotes)
For this assignment, you will write an essay responding to ONE of the following essay topics. Read over the questions below and compose a well-written, well-organized 1000-word analytical essay. Remember to interpret, rather than summarize, the reading as a whole. As always, please refer to our lectures and the Style & Substance guide for more on what is expected in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay as well as the Works Cited page.
Essay Topics
1. Compare and Contrast
“Chaiwala” by Manahil Bandukwala and “Katie Kissed Me” by Christine Lynn Mahoney are two poems that focus on the act of kissing. As you read each poem, pay attention to its form, diction, syntax, rhyme, rhythm, imagery, speaker, and tone. What is the experience of kissing like for each speaker? In your written response, discuss how the two poems differ in their portrayals of kissing. Be sure to use the text to support your reading.
Read “Chaiwala” here: http://carte-blanche.org/articles/chaiwala/
Read “Katie Kissed Me” here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/58520/katie-kissed-me
2. Attitude
In “my mother’s waltz” by Shandi Mitchell, the speaker observes her mother dancing. Read the poem and write an essay in which you identify and describe the speaker’s attitude towards this sight. What literary devices are used to support your interpretation? Pay attention to diction, imagery, sound devices such as alliteration, and line breaks.
Read “my mother’s waltz” here: https://contemporaryverse2.ca/poetry/my-mothers-waltz/
3. Elegy
An elegy is a poem of lament that mourns the passing of an individual and offers some consolation. Read “No Children, No Pets” and consider how this poem can be considered elegiac. Write an essay in which you analyze how loss is conveyed in the poem and discuss the techniques that are used to present the speaker’s grief.
Read “No Children, No Pets” here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/48945/no-children-no- pets
For each of these options, I provide a number of questions and suggestions of what to consider in these poems. These are brainstorming points. I do not expect you to tackle all of these questions and suggestions in your response. Do your best to select elements that you can speak strongly and deeply about. Explore the significance of 2 to 3 elements than just skim over many ideas. What do I mean by explore? Peel back the layers (of a word, an image, an analogy, etc.)! Find patterns and echoes. Make connections.
• Content (original, insightful, imaginative, demonstrates independent thinking)
• Engagement (strong engagement means supporting your ideas – quote from the text!)
• Organization of ideas (clear, logical, elegant)
• Language use (varied sentence structure, rich vocabulary, correct grammar and use of punctuation, proper usage of terms and devices covered in class)
• Correct essay structure (intro, body, conclusion) and MLA format
A (90-100): Excellent; B (80-89): Very Good; C (70-79): Good work; D (60-69): Fair; F (below 60): Fail
o Theessaycountsforalargeportionofyourgrade(25%).Youshouldplanyourworkanddraftingof this essay accordingly.
o Makesurethatyouressaybothanswersthequestionaskedandalsoadvancesauniquethesisstatement that extends the question into an original argument.
o Asthisisaliteraryanalysis,youwillneedtoquotefromthetexttoprovidesupportingevidence. o Bearinmindthatyoushouldaimtoclose-readthepassages.Donotrelysimplyonplotsummary,
paraphrase, or telling the reader that something is significant. Try to show your reader how you arrive at your conclusions, why you have selected the lines you have as evidence, and demonstrate their significance.
o YourpapershouldfollowMLAguidelines(citationsandpresentation).
o Formatyourquotescorrectly(seep.139-40inthetextbook).Useslashesforquotesthatare3
lines and fewer. Use block quotes for quotes longer than 3 lines.
o Yourparentheticalcitationsfollowsthisformat:(AuthorofPoem’sLastName,line(s)Line Number(s)). Example: (Donne, lines 26-28)
o ThelastnamesarenecessaryifyouselectTopic1becauseyou’llbeworkingwithtwopoets.If you’re working on Topics 2 or 3, then including the last name in your parenthetical citation is not necessary.
o Titlesofpoemsareplacedinquotationmarks.
o Thereisnoneedtousesecondarysourcesforthisassignment.
o Plagiarism,asusual,willnotbetoleratedandwillbereportedtothecollege.
o UploadyourdocumenttoLEAwhenready.
o Lateassignmentswillbegradedaccordingtothepolicylaidoutinthecourseoutline.
o Ihaveprovidedanessaychecklist(foundonLEA).Gothroughittoensurethatyouressayisinthe
best shape possible.☺
Friendly Tip! The format of your Works Cited entry for an online poem is as follows:
Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Poem.” Title of Website, Name of Organization Affiliated with
the Website, Date of copyright or date last modified/updated, URL. Accessed Day Month Year site was visited.

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