write about concepts they saw enacted within the action of the movie.

Ready Player One is the movie this paper is based on.
In Application Paper 2 each student will watch a movie from the assigned list below and write about concepts they saw enacted within the action of the movie. The paper is not to be a synopsis of the movie with the concepts mentioned. The paper is to concentrate on identifying, defining, and applying a minimum of 3 concepts from the course. You are to identify each concept, define it, and then identify specific scenes from the movie that demonstrate the concept in action. That will show your instructor you properly understand the concepts you are reading about in the text. Feel free to directly quote the definition of terms from your text, but you must cite the source and create a bibliography if you do. The paper is to include a personal reflection in the last paragraph. This personal reflection is an example that you have witnessed in your personal life that connects to at least one of the concepts discussed in the paper. If there is no personal reflection there will be an automatic deduction of 10% off the final grade of the paper.
The paper will be double spaced and typed in 12pt font. The length of the application papers should be two to three pages. The papers should be written in APA or MLA format with formatting remaining consistent throughout the paper. Application assignments are to be submitted via IvyLearn. Papers must have correct spelling and grammar including sentence structure. Mechanics count for 20% of the paper.

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