write a profile feature article about him.

use these notes and write a profile feature article about him. you can also google him:
Witty man
– Part time professor at the American university in cairo
– Born July 1967 55 cairo Egypt
-at 6 moved to abu dhabi 1973-1984
-1989 AUC GRAD journalism and masscom
MA @ auc
-his Father was a journalist and passed away in 2021. His father inspired him to become a journalist ( father’s name: Ismail dawoud)
– a quote to use “Our house was like a news room”
– worked at the Caravan @ auc and was the editor in Chief 1988 this was his early experience
– Egyptian gazette first job newspaper
Mohamed el ezaby was his editor for a year approximately
– William Billy man head of AP Office in cairo and calls him offering a job of being a local reporter in cairo
– Then he went to Reuters cairo
– Reported on politics economy terrorisme sports archeological discover pretty much everything
– News agencies you’re writing for the entire world a little bit of everything
– “I want to be connected to the country and part of the society”.
– Hosny guindy al ahram weekly in English and Khaled asked him to work there. 1991 then at 96 Khaled was offered a full time job at al ahram weekly to be the editor for regional and international news
– Worked as a war reporter for a while “you see a lot of loss”
– Went to Afghanistan after 9/11 al qaeda to report the USA Bomb back
– He experienced an israeli bombing and was besieged
– “The worst part was the day the israelis waived the curfew from Ramallah” he went to hospital and saw deaths “a horror movie”
– I had to help bury the dead in their graves and he felt like he “hated his job for the first time”
– Ibrahim nafea ahram editor and sends Khalid to Washington DC in October 2002 youngest reporter to be sent there from ahram
– The diversity in the USA taught him a lot
– Oct 2006 went back to cairo but he was covered to be a reporter for Al Jazeera in newyork where he was exposed to the United Nations and diplomats, he attended GA meetings
– Came back to Egy during 2011 revolution and wanted to be part of the change. “Journalism without freedom of expression is non-existent”
– Readers are “smart” they know what is propaganda and what is the truth and that’s what he wanted to deliver
– Joined al dostour party in 2011 which was created by Dr.Mohamed AlBaradei
– “Muslim brotherhood did not play a helpful role after the revolution, they wanted to control the country” “religious dictatorship is dangerous”
– It would have killed the diversity within Egypt
– Spokesman of national salvation front
– After removal of morsy with 3 months I was driving my car near corneiche maadi qasr el einy hospital
– The Muslim brotherhood had a demonstration that day they threw his car with stones and broke windows and stabbed him 3 times in his left chest and another man tried to cut off his hand I was beat up by tens of people
– They broke his windshield and tried to pull him out of the car but the seatbelt stopped them
– Some men in the streets saved me and rushed me to the hospital
– I later became the president of the dostour party but I was against the takeover of al cici because I wanted a civilian and not a military man to break the cycle of mubarak and his regimes in 2014
– “I believe in democracy and freedom of the press”
– “We need diversity, we need freedom of expression, and we need to provide information for the people”.
– He doesn’t support al cici because he doesn’t welcome opposition
– September 2019 I parked my car in mohandeseen and as I was getting out to visit my father I found people holding my hand and telling me they are from national security and that I am under arrest and my father had cancer and needed me at the time I was held in prison for 19 months it was a very thought experience I tried to cook and read and talk to other inmates. The challenge was to kill time.
– I’m prison I got to appreciate things that were over looked in normal life and all the luxuries of life
– May 15 2020 when he was in prison and his sister passed away and he was allowed to go visit his family
– Was released April 12 2021 I believe they released me considering my fathers condition and he passed away in July 2021
– His younger brother passed away March 5 2022
– I attended Al-Cici’s meeting on April 26 and talked briefly with him and hopefully they’d release political prisoners
– “This country deserves better”

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