Write a new scene or scenes from Puig’s novel or any of the listed readings below.

I have attached screenshots of intructions on paper as well
In this paper, unlike other academic papers, you will use annotated footnotes in-text that include complete bibliographic information (what is generally in the Works Cited page) in the footnote as well as your explanation about how you applied the source to your fictional piece. Use citations from your primary source(s) also in the same way. You mention the full bibliographic info only the first time you refer to it, if you have more than one footnote you want to include, you use the author’s name or title as you would in any regular in-text citation.
The fictional narrative ought to be a minimum of 5 pages, no penalty for going over that. Write a new scene or scenes from Puig’s novel or any of the listed readings below. Characters may meet one another in a kind of mash-up with another work. You might write what comes after the end (or in 10 years) or create an alternative ending. Feel free to change whatever aspects you want or add new explanations to gaps in stories. Fan fiction often changes the gender, sexuality or race of characters or add characters to make them more inclusive and representative.
Your piece ought to demonstrate you’ve read the work and understood its themes and messages by developing them in meaningful ways. Think about literary techniques and resources at your disposal and the ones used by the author (see Narrative Analysis handouts in Canvas). Since you are the creator, be creative! Consider structure, dialogue, narrative (and narrative voice), description, stream-of-consciousness or other special forms of narration, including various documents like letters, songs, legal papers, etc… I’ll be looking for clear writing and thinking and effective use of conventions of writing. For instance, make sure you know how to write dialogue, an important aspect of fiction. “Show, not tell” – this common advice to writers indicates that you want to use lots of descriptive language so readers’ senses are engaged.

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