What were two or three main reasons for the success of Han dynasty?

The purpose of final paper is to explore a topic or area of study that a student gets interested in
during this course and wants to explore it further. More than an exam, it should be considered an
exercise in discovering something that the student is interested in.
Topic: Students will choose their paper topic with the consent of the instructor. It could be
anything related to the course of study we have been engaged in.
Requirements: Minimum five pages, double spaced, font 12.
The paper should be in the form of an argument. You should state and provide evidence
for your argument. Please see examples in the following.
Deadline: The last day to submit a soft copy of your paper is the last day of the class before the
class starts. [You are welcome to submit final paper any time before the deadline]. Total Marks: 100 points
Example: A student’s topic is: “Medieval Church Architecture”
You will tell the salient features of medieval church architecture.
Your argument could be that medieval church architecture arose due to the religious
and social conditions of medieval times and explain what they were.
Or you could take one important medieval church, explain its features, and show how
the features fulfil the religious and social needs of its time.
Or who put money for building these churches and why?
Or how did medieval church architecture arise over time?
Some Suggested Topics:
1. Choose one of the civilizations that we studied and take one aspect of that civilization, explain
that aspect and argue why the aspect developed at that time. For example, why democracy
emerged in Greek city states.
2. Compare and contrast Greek and Roman democracy.
3. What are two or three features of Islamic art? How these features are related to Islam.
4. Why Hindus consider cow sacred?
5. What were two or three main reasons for the success of Han dynasty?
6. What caused Protestant movement?
7. How did Roman church reform itself after Protestant movement?

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