What was the point or purpose of making the comment that indicated that the officer discredited Graham’s explanation?

Week 2 Written Assignment, The Importance of Mindset in Policing
1. Please write a 2-3 page short paper on the importance of mindset in policing. Use in-text citations and APA references to support your views.
2. As part of this assignment, look at Graham v. Connor from Week One through a different lens. Tim Miller- the use of force instructor from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLET-C) described the events following the time when Graham regained consciousness, writing:
“Berry – and Graham after he regained consciousness – tried to explain that Graham was just having an insulin reaction. But their pleas had no effect. One officer commented that he had seen a lot of people with diabetes before and that none of them had acted like Graham. In the officer’s opinion, Graham was just drunk.” (FLET-C.gov)
Answer the following:
A. What was the mindset of the officer who came on the scene after the stop and commented about seeing “a lot of people with diabetes?” In other words, did he just make that conclusion based on what officers told him or did he have a preconceived mindset about what was happening?
B. Should officers blindly follow the views of officers first on the scene or evaluate the situation for themselves if there is no immediate threat?
C. What was the point or purpose of making the comment that indicated that the officer discredited Graham’s explanation?
Your weekly paper should be a minimum of 500- 750 words. All references and citations in this course must be in APA format (7th edition).
Reference: https://www.fletc.gov/sites/default/files/PartIGrahamvConnor.pdf

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