“What reasons are there to believe that the efforts will actually achieve the desired moral and practical results?”

I am a clinician that works with clients with substance abuse age 18 and up…. If you need this information for the assignment.
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Issues of social, economic, and environmental justice are not morally neutral. At your field placement site, you will certainly face social policy issues around social, economic, and environmental justice that raise questions for you personally and professionally. Social policy legislation are attempts to shape, impose, or respond with moral values or frameworks—ideas of what is right or wrong, good or bad, fair or unfair—to issues in society or in response to other countries, events, or circumstances.
The questions to ask before implementing any social policy are, “What morals and values are the ideas and requirements of the policy based on and why are these particular morals and values being chosen?” “What is the goal?”, “What result is the policy expected to achieve?” and “What reasons are there to believe that the efforts will actually achieve the desired moral and practical results?”
Social workers must evaluate the desired results of social policies against an ethical framework to determine what means justify the ends and whether the approach honors social work values such as the dignity and worth of all people, self-determination, human relationships, etc. (NASW, 2021). Social workers must also ask if the policy fits within a broader moral framework, or if will it undermine other important values in society or the Code of Ethics? For example, will implementing the policy undermine or support the higher good in the larger society or have unintended consequences for other important groups?? These are difficult questions to answer, but social workers must consider them when developing and evaluating policies.
In this workshop, you will select and analyze policies from a menu of current social policy issues that might affect social work practice. All ideas and policies have consequences, and they must be evaluated in context before implementation. This workshop provides you an opportunity to evaluate a current social policy issue informed by your moral or spiritual value system.
Video: Jonathan Haidt: The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives
Quiz: Moral Foundations Questionnaire
Background Information
The assigned video discusses several ethical elements that might shape a social worker’s decision making. The speaker explains that his worldview is one grounded in psychology and science rather than in a spiritual worldview that values God as a primary source of truth. However, several of the foundations of morality presented in the video include care, reciprocity, loyalty, respect, and sanctity which are common drivers of moral decision making.
Social workers aim to do good in many circumstances while balancing how best to implement change for individuals, communities, and societies. A Christian worldview seeks to balance justice, fairness, and truth within a spiritual framework. Social workers who are Christians or other people of faith should decide which elements or combination of elements are most important when making decisions about themselves, clients, and social policies.
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Watch the TED Talk video, “Jonathan Haidt: The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives.”
Complete the “Moral Foundations Questionnaire” quiz on Your Morals.org website. You may need to access the site using the Firefox search engine to avoid risk warnings.
You will need to register on the site by giving an email address and answering some questions; only the first five are required.
Using the framework outlined in the video, pick one of the hot-button issues listed below:
Same-sex marriages
Right to abortions
Equal bathroom access for people who identity as transgender
Police brutality toward African Americans
Pathways to citizenship for immigrants without legal status
An issue of your choice, if confirmed by your instructor for this assignment
In a 2-3 page essay, respond to the following prompts:
Briefly describe your chosen hot-button issue, why you chose it, the position you currently take on it and your view on its importance in social work practice.
Using the five foundations of morality explained in the video, describe which two foundations are the top reasons you have for taking the view or approach that you do on the issue and why.
Discuss how the moral foundations you identified as your top two in the moral foundations quiz are consistent with your worldview and faith and explain your rationale.
Describe your approach to human rights and addressing injustice specifically regarding your chosen hot-button topic. Provide your definition of human rights in the context of the hot-button topic you chose, describe why you define it this way and how your definition connects with your top two moral foundations. Then, explain how your top two moral foundations and approach to reasoning will help you create a context for client engagement that can help advance their human rights.
Finally, the Bible supports all of the ideas mentioned in the video but grounds morality in God’s character of holy-love which does not separate love from truth and purity and reminds us that we are also accountable to His authority. This God-first approach to moral and ethical decision-making is seen in the Old Testament with the first of the Ten Commandments, which says, “You shall have no other gods before Me” and in the New Testament with Jesus, who echoes the old testament in stating “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, this is the first and greatest commandment.”
In this context, discuss the impact on your decision making in the area of your chosen hot button issue if you were to take a God-first combination approach of holy-love. Identify and discuss what would be the same and what would be different in your current approach to the hot-button issue based on this new view? Why?
Cite the course material, journal articles or other peer-reviewed literature to support your arguments.
The video is below for the assignment … You will have to watch this because you have to follow the instruction..

I live in the United State in Kentucky, I was born and raised there. I do not speak nothing but English. Where I live I think people are on the fence of Liberals and Conservatives. ……. This has to do with the quiz……
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