What are the three general categories of conditions which may be sources of conflict?

Organizational Behavior practice Exam
Chapter: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
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Book: Organizational Behavior
During a change initiative, it is important to have _________ _________ to act as a catalyst and assume responsibility for managing change activities.
When conflict is occurring between groups or teams, this is known as ______________ conflict.
Employees are going through training ____________ ________, which includes tips on how to work and collaborate with others.
The ability to influence others to enhance one’s own objectives is known as ___________ skill.
A ____________ is a third party to a negotiation who has the authority to dictate an agreement.
The degree to which activities in the organization are subdivided into separate jobs is known as _________ __________.
Pam has been offered a position but her offer is __________ on passing a background check and drug screen.
______________ power is the formal authority to control and use organizational resources.
An ineffective selection device is the ___________ interview, which is short in duration, casual, and made up of random questions.
_____________ is a systematic effort to make an organization leaner by selling off business units, closing locations or reducing staff.
Short Answers
What type of OD intervention is being used in the examples below? (5 pts.)
Jen is concerned about trust issues on her team, so she is planning a meeting to let them get to know each other and talk about something other than work.
The organization is looking to review their processes and work more efficiently. They are bringing in a facilitator to lead the team through a discussion around what things are going right.
John’s organization wants to gather feedback from all employees to see how they feel about organizational culture.
Lisa is an executive leader that is having issues managing her team and various projects in her department. HR is recommending that she meet with an Executive Coach to help with these concerns.
The Marketing department is going through a half day training to learn more about unconscious bias and how it can impact team relationships.
What type of selection method is being used in the below examples? (5 pts.)
Stacy is applying for a managerial position and is going through a set of performance simulation tests to evaluate her ability to lead a team and processes.
Regina is completing hands-on simulations of tasks that she would perform on the job.
Ross is being asked how he would handle typical situations that would happen on the job. His responses are compared to top performers.
Monica is hiring a new member of her team. She is bringing in candidates and asking them questions about how they’ve handled particular scenarios in the past.
Kevin has to complete a cognitive ability test to determine if he goes to the next stage of the selection process.
List and define the nine tactics of influence. (3 pts.)
What are several ways to improve performance evaluations? (3 pts.)
Describe the three parts of the selection process in organizations. (3 pts.)
What are the three general categories of conditions which may be sources of conflict? (3 pts.)
Identify the functional and dysfunctional effects of organizational culture on employees. (3 pts.)
Summarize Lewin’s three-step change model. (3 pts.)
Describe the individual and organizational sources of resistance to change. (3 pts.)
Identify and describe the phases of organizational socialization. (3pts.)
Summarize the reasons why managers want to use team structures. (3 pts.)
22. Identify and define the seven key elements that define an organization’s structure. (3pts.)

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