What advice does Lavoie offer to parents regarding fairness?

please answer questions in separate paragraphs
1. Why should the early childhood educator be able to effectively train parents on early interventions and when to seek assistance?
2. Review the “Beyond F.A.T. City: Look Back, Look Ahead—Conversation about Special Education” video segments. Consider the advice Richard Lavoie offers regarding fairness in the classroom, fairness at home, learned helplessness, and the danger of making assumptions. Discuss the implications of each of these ideas for your future practice and explain whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented by addressing each of the following:
How does Lavoie define and explain fairness in the classroom?
What advice does Lavoie offer to parents regarding fairness?
What does Lavoie say about learned helplessness and assumptions, and why does he discuss them?
In replies to peers, explain if you agree with the ideas presented and why, using real-world examples to illustrate your ideas.
3. Students may argue about fairness and ask why a student with special education needs is treated differently regarding behavioral discipline, accommodations, etc. Review the “Beyond F.A.T. City: Look Back, Look Ahead-Conversation about Special Education,” focusing on the “Fairness in the Classroom’ section. Consider the statement, “Fair is not always equal.” Discuss how you, as a teacher, will address the issue of fairness without divulging confidential information.
4. Many have said that Universal Design for Learning (UDL) promotes better teaching practices for all educators. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with that statement and provide specific reasons, facts, and real-world examples to support your opinions. In replies to peers, support or refute the ideas presented using evidence from the topic Resources and your research.
5. Explain the difference between alternative and augmentative communication systems and assistive technology. Provide an example of each and explain how you could use them in your future professional practice. In replies to peers, provide additional examples that have not already been shared.
6. What are the main ways an educator can differentiate instruction with young learners? Provide one resource you might use in the classroom for aiding in differentiation.
7. Technology is an important part of everyday life for children. How can you use technology as a classroom management tool, engagement tool, tool for differentiation, or method for enhancing lessons? Describe a specific technology tool you plan to use in your future classroom.

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