The increase in obesity rates in the United States in the late 20th and early 21st

Please write a four to five-page (doubled spaced, size 11 or 12 font) research paper on one of the below subjects with accompanying sociological analysis.
There are two goals of this paper:
Provide the reader with sufficient information on your topic based on your research.
Provide the reader with some analysis of this topic by making use of two different readings from this class. This will be explained and discussed thoroughly in lecture.
The research component of this paper should use secondary sources that are academic in nature. This includes scholarly books, journal articles, or news sources from bona fide news agencies that maintain a relatively neutral political stance and provide minimal “entertainment” content.[1] Online encyclopedias, blogs, etc. cannot be cited as sources.
The analytical component of this paper should use articles from class as their sources.
Papers should be written with proper grammar and syntax, and should follow a standard citation style. All sources must be properly cited. Please see the “Citation Guidelines” Download “Citation Guidelines”document on Canvas for more details on proper citation.
Research topics (please select one):
The increase in obesity rates in the United States in the late 20th and early 21st
The emergence and spread of Rastafarianism in Jamaica.
The rise and fall of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
Rubric for scoring (30 points total):
Grammar, spelling, length, and sentence structure: 10 points
Accuracy of information presented and application of course readings: 10 points
Proper citation (in-text and reference page): 10 points
[1] Some good examples are The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, and The British Broadcasting Corporation. Some poor examples are Fox News, MSNBC, talk radio, or “infotainment” online new sources.

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