piaget theory of intellectual development.

There are three sections I will list the topic and the questions. I have also attached a file
1: piaget theory of intellectual development. Overview of the theory – what is the main point, what is some of the terminology used?
How does the theory deal with abilities at different ages and how does it account for change over time? That is,
why are we talking about this as a theory of development (as opposed to biology or social psych)?
What is one positive aspect of the theory, or one thing the theory accounts for that is important and useful? What
is one negative aspect of the theory, or one critique of the theory, something it doesn’t do or can’t account for?
2: Esther Thelen’s disappearing stepping reflex (motor development
Explain the behavior being studied – what is the thing this study is looking at? What do we already know about
this behavior or ability?
Explain the study in detail. What is this specific study looking at? What is their hypothesis (in your own words)
and what is their methodology? Give the independent and dependent variablesDevelopmental Psychology
Explain the findings. Discuss both the raw results (e.g. what groups did better, when did the ability appear), as
well as the general findings and conclusion.
Create a take-home message and why these results are important and relevant for a) understanding the behavior at
hand generally, and b) for development and the general population/outside
3: Question and answer
does this theory explain the behavior/study? It does not matter which side you take as long
as you support your answer. Do not argue for both sides – pick either yes or no.
Clearly explain two unique reasons why your theory and behavior fit together OR why they do not. If you are
stuck on finding two reasons, here are some suggestions/helpful questions to ponder: Does the theory account for
change over time (development) in the particular behavior? Would the theory predict the results of this study, or
hypothesize the same thing as the authors? What rationale would this theory give for the findings of the study?
Give a conclusion that gives a take-home message and conveys the overall relevance of this theory/study. This
should (in some ways) answer the question “Why should your mom/sister/roommate/grandpa care?” or “What can
this approach/theory to this study/behavior tell us that is helpful (to either consider or to avoid)?”

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