Make a list of three important things that you learned in this class.

Make a list of three important things that you learned in this class. Create an APA formatted paper in Microsoft Word, and create a centered boldface heading in it for each of the things on your list. Then, demonstrate your learning related to each of those things by writing about what you learned, or have come to believe, about each one as a result of the readings, resources, assignments, and/or activities presented in this course.
Type each response directly below the centered boldface heading from your list that you are writing about in the paper. Below each heading, type what you learned about it directly beneath it, and then proceed to the next one. Do not list the headings/list at the top of the page and write separated text about them in another area of the paper.
Be sure to use specific examples from the readings, the forum discussions, or other course content presented in the course in each response. Feel free to include examples, cases, experiences, and/or opinions in your responses to make your points.
This paper must contain a text (main body) of at least two full pages in length

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