Is Mill’s analysis of the structure of power in American society still relevant?

Discussion Assignment 3 topics
I provided some reading articles that you can use or you can do your own research
At Least 250 word by topic
1. Considering in particular Mills’ article, discuss the three social institutions Mills’ identifies as having the most power in the U.S. Why is this problematic, according to Mills? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Consider the institutions we have discussed thus far (i.e. family, education, the economy, healthcare and the media). Assuming Mill’s thesis is correct, what is the impact on these institutions? Do you consider this an accurate reflection of the current social reality? Is Mill’s analysis of the structure of power in American society still relevant? What has changed and what has remained the same?
2. After reading the chapter and articles on media and watching the film, discuss your view on media. In what way does it constitute a social problem? What are the social solutions? Remember to comment on at least two other posts.
3. Watch the documentary Killing Us Softly 4 available streaming from the AOK library. Discuss the film, relating the ideas both to the topic of problems related to media and also gender inequality discussed earlier in the course. Is the way advertising portrays women a problem? Why, or why not? If yes, what should be done. In addition to your post, comment on at least two other posts.

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