Identify the quality improvement tools (Fishbone diagram, Pareto Chart, Process Flow Chart, etc.)

Looking Ahead
Over the course of Competencies LC4002A – LC4005A, you will be going through the steps of your Quality Improvement Project which will be submitted in LC4005A. During each Competency, you will complete one or more parts of the final project, and in LC4005A, you will use these parts to create the final project.
This practice experience project has six parts:
Analyze available evidence and identify a quality improvement practice problem;
Conduct a literature search finding data and evidence-based solutions/interventions to support the importance of the quality improvement practice problem;
Identify the quality improvement tools (Fishbone diagram, Pareto Chart, Process Flow Chart, etc.) that will display the data supporting the need for the Quality Improvement Project;
Apply the PDSA process to the development of the Quality Improvement Project;
Develop an evidence-based plan to address the quality improvement practice problem; and
Present the final Quality Improvement Project as a comprehensive paper and quality improvement storyboard.
The practice experience is an active learning process that provides you with the opportunity to apply your nursing knowledge by addressing a quality improvement practice problem. The practice experience is comprised of selected onsite experiences and completion of a Quality Improvement Project with guidance from your subject matter expert. For additional information on the practice experience, follow this link:

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