identify and define correctly at least ten procedures from the text.

The Court Observation paper is due May 8.
You need to You get ten points for each correctly
identified process, e.g. a bail reduction hearing.
The thing to remember is that each procedure must be something from chapters 12-14 in the textbook. If you describe something that is not in the textbook it does not count.
e.g. if the judge calls for a ten minute recess this does not count as anything. And make sure to DEFINE each thing you observe. So if you see a judge set bail, state to me what bail is and does.
Make sure to put each example you observe and define in bold. In the following format On (date)______________ I sat in courtroom _____ under the Honorable Judge _______ and observed a defense attorney use two EXCUSALS FOR CAUSE, an EXCUSAL FOR CAUSE is where ________________ he/she argued that the potential juror should be excused because ________________. This would be worth ten
When you go to court ask the clerk in front which sections are having hearings and trials. If there is nothing going on in one section, just get up and go to another one. E.g if the judge is just doing arraignment after arraignment, describe the arraignment you saw and then go find another courtroom. Because you can only use each procedure ONCE.
Another example would be:
On November____________, 2014 I was in section ____ with the Honorable Judge
___________. I observed a VOIR DIRE. AVOIR DIRE is when ___________. And _____________________.
And for each one you must state it once in BOLD AND CAPS to identify it and then a second time in BOLD AND CAPS where you need to describe why it is what you say it is.
Another example would be:
On November____________, 2014 I was in section ____ with the Honorable Judge___________. I observed a VOIR DIRE. AVOIR DIRE is when ___________. And _____________________.
Make sure to read and be very familiar with chapters 12-14 before you go so you will know what you are seeing when you see it.
If you sit down and hear the judge telling someone that they must spend 20 years in prison for armed robbery you would look on page 580 and that this is called a SENTENCING HEARING. And during this process you may also see the use of a PRESENTENCE REPORT, the RIGHT OF ALLOCUTION and the use of different types of sentences such as consecutive or concurrent sentences.
If you are efficient and you know what you are seeing you can get ten procedures in a couple of hours. And if you want to add more than ten to make sure you can include more.

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