How profitable is this industry based on the 5 Forces Model? Why?

– Your individual case analysis is due on Canvas by midnight Sunday 5/8
– Through analyses will typically have 5 – 6 pages of text.
– No paper can exceed 10 pages including any charts, tables or figures.
– Answer the questions using just material assigned for this course or other MBA courses. No web searches.
– Only material from other courses needs to be footnoted or end noted (either is OK)
– Double spaced and a 11 – 12-point font.
I added memos below that have rough information on the questions
Please Answer ALL of These Questions:
1. How profitable is this industry based on the 5 Forces Model? Why?
2. What are the company’s most important resources, capabilities & core competencies? Why?
3. What is the company’s business strategy? What is its competitive advantage? Support with examples.
4. How would you describe the company’s corporate strategy? Support with examples.
5. How would you recommend the company overcome its challenges in international markets?
6. What is your brief recommendation for the most important thing this company should do to enhance its competitiveness? Use your insights from the prior questions to frame your answer.

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