How has Magical Realism contributed to and influenced Latin American culture?

Please write a 4 -5 page paper on assigned topic. Paper must have a works cited page, which is not included in the assigned length of paper. Source materials must include at least one selection from an E-Book and fully vetted academic information. Paper should have a well thought out thesis and show evidence of focused research and academic rigor. While you can express an opinion, this is not an opinion paper and as such should contain little to no editorial or information culled from personal experience. The key focus of this paper is research.
The topic of the paper is How has Magical Realism contributed to and influenced Latin American culture? Conversely you can also write about how Latin American culture/politics etc influenced Magical Realism You should provide a very brief -history of the genre and explain (briefly)what its components entail. You may focus your research on one or two authors and answer the topic question via the prism of their work if you chose to.

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