How does this academic lineage inform your pursuits?

we’ve visited, briefly, the entire lineage of Western philosophy, but what for? While some of us indulge in the theories and people that have transcended human inquiry across the ages, most of us do not.The ancients thought of philosophy as a tool to live the good life. During the Middle Ages, philosophers thought of God, nature, and ethics. Our modern thinkers have pondered the true nature of reality and our limitations. How does this academic lineage inform your pursuits?
discuss how philosophy is applicable to your college major/career ambitions. Perhaps you are studying to be a nurse and will discuss medical ethics; a business major that will examine virtue in building a business; or a biology major, thinking about the origin of life. Whatever it is you hope to study or do, there is an application for philosophy.
examples of philosophers or ideas
-doesn’t have to be from this list but these are examples.
My college major/career is criminal justice.

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