Have a compelling introduction that includes a hook to grab the reader’s attention

Have a compelling introduction that includes a hook to grab the reader’s attention and a thesis statement that lets the reader know what to expect in the rest of the essay.
• Have topic sentences that establish the direction of each body paragraph.
• Have a compelling conclusion that reminds your readers of the purpose of your essay and answers the “so what” question while bringing the essay to an eloquent close.
• Properly incorporate quotes, paraphrases, and summaries of relevant information from outside sources to support your argument, including appropriate use of signal phrases and in-text citations.
• Incorporate at least three outside sources.
• Have a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page
Sources already gathered an must be used:
Hawkins,Roxanne D.,Emma L. Hawkins, and Liesbeth Tip. “I can’t give up when I have them to care for” People’s experiences of pets and mental health” Anthrozoos 34.4(2021): 543-562
Kruger, Katherine A., Symme W. Trachtenberg, and James A. Serpell. “Can animals help humans heal? Animal-assisted interventions in adolescent mental health” center for the interactions of animals and society (cias) and university of Pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine, Philadelphia,PA (2004).
Robinson,L., and J Segal. “Mood-Boosting Power of Dogs. Retrieved January 18,2018” (2017)
Shoesmith, Rmily, et Al. “The role of animal ownership for people with severe mental illness during the Covid 19 pandemic: A mixed-method study investigation links with health and loneliness” international journal of environmental research and public health 18.22 (2021):11908
Sapkota, Dinah’s, Seachohal Prakash shrestha, and I.V.S.A Nepal. “Pet therapy:simpl resolve for depression and mental illness.”
Con Bergen, clarence w. “Emotional support animals, service animals, and pets on campus.” Administrative issues journal 5.1 (2015): 4.

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