essay about a list of the best companies specialized in making Strategic plans and KPI’s systems

I need an essay about a list of the best companies specialized in making Strategic plans and KPI’s systems (Keep Performance Indicators) for Governments/states and ministries for the countries.
List these companies in a table and then write for each company
1- for whom did they work (who are the clients)
2- the main title for each strategic plan
3- what are the goals they seek to reach.
I need 5 examples for famous and professional companies.
**Examples that you can use in the project:
1- mckinsey &co.
2- Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
3- Bain and Company
examples for strategic plan done
1- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strategy’s and 2030 vision
2- Abu Dhabi Strategy/vision
3- German Sustainable Development Strategy
you can look also for other world wide countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada…etc.
please please please it is very important to make the project professional and accurate. i need your help. and i need a copy for each source you used. Also, do not write any thing out of the sources. write the information mentioned above as it is mentioned in the sources you used. it is not important how you copy the information as much as it is important to mention write info. number of sources are not important for me use as much as you need

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