Does the news story help (or not) to demonstrate or illustrate the theories?

Pick a theory and/or concept to use for this assignment (I have dowloaded the theory and/or concepts you have to choose from). You may also pick two theories or concepts.
Go to a news website and find one or more stories that interests you, try to
stay with recent news but you can also complete the assignment using
older news stories, apply the theory or concept to one or more current events news stories
How to apply a sociological theory to current events: Guide:
-How does the sociological theory help us to understand the news event(s)?
-How does the use of sociological categories (class, race, gender, culture,
citizenship, etc) help to explain the news story?
-Do power relations within the sociological categories (class, race, gender,
etc) help to explain social or political events?
-Does the theory help to explain people’s motivations to action in the news
-Does the theory help to explain social and political interactions at micro-
levels (interpersonal relations) or macro-levels (intergroup relations)?
-Are there any limitations or shortcomings in the theory? In other words,
does the theory fail to explain the news event or certain aspects of it?
-Does the news story help (or not) to demonstrate or illustrate the theories?
Your submission must have two sections.
o The first section you must summarize or state the news story and
theories used and must provide a brief overview of the theory,
demonstrating your understanding of the theory in your own words.
o The second section will be your application of the theory to the news
o At the end of your submission provide references to the news story
References, citations, and quotations do not count in your word

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