Does the museum business/heritage model work for NFTs?

Answer each of the following questions using a well constructed paragraph. Your total submission (excluding headers, footers, class name, etc.) should not be more than 2 pages of 12 point font Times New Roman text. Make sure to cite any references you use. You should not cite any sources from the class or elsewhere, without references. If you have any questions on how to appropriately cite a source, please let me know. Your submissions should be in MS Word.
Question 1: Does the museum business/heritage model work for NFTs? Describe the differences and your conclusion.
Question 2: Name three costs associated with NFTs. Why are each of these costs important?
Question 3: Are NFTs more or less susceptible to fraud than other assets? Explain why you think so.
Question 4: The NFT of Jack Dorsey’s (Twitter founder) first tweet has ranged from $2.9 million in price to (more recently) $14,000. What would YOU pay for that NFT right now, assuming you could spend as much as you wanted on things like NFTs?

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