Do you think moral rules need to be universally applicable to be correct, or can they admit of exceptions?

Over the course of the term, we have studied three major ethical systems, Virtue Ethics (Aristotle, Annas, Confucius and Mengzi), Deontology (Kant, Korsgaard), and Consequentialism (Mill), as well as posed some more general questions about the status of ethical rules by looking at the sociopolitical question of justice (King, Rawls) and a critique of the possible ideological content of moral theory (Mills).
After posting, return to the board and read over the posts of your fellow classmates. Choose at least one classmate and create a post responding to his/her initial post on the Discussion Board.
Consider the following questions and write a short answer to each. Your answers should express your own beliefs, and you should try, in each case, to explain your view and offer reasons in support of it that would be persuasive to someone who doesn’t already feel as you do.
Of the three ethical systems, which do you find to be the best?
From the two ethical systems that you rejected in your answer to question 1, are there any compelling insights that are not reflected in or accounted for the system you prefer?
Do you think it is important for an ethical system to account not only for what is the right thing to do, but the best state of the agent?
Do you think moral rules need to be universally applicable to be correct, or can they admit of exceptions?
Are you convinced by claims that moral theory might function as an ideology, reinforcing socially existing relations of domination or failing to take sufficient account of historically embedded injustices at the level of social relations?

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