Discuss barriers and bridges to the person accessing healthcare.

Holistic Perspectives Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to apply the principles of holistic care to a patient case and connect the patient with services appropriate to address the holistic needs of the patient.
At the end of the assignment, the student will:
Apply the principles of holistic care to a person in need of healthcare.
Identify local services to provide holistic care to a person in need of healthcare.
Discuss barriers and bridges to the person accessing healthcare.
Developing recommendations for connecting the person with the needed healthcare.
You will be assigned one of four patient cases: Henry and Ertha Williams (African American), Julia Morales and Lucy Grey (LGBTQ+), or Sherman “Red” Yoder (Veteran).
Each case has a background and a short audio clip which can be found on Blackboard. Read the background and listen to the patient audio clip.
Background: Determine the background of this patient and provide a summary of your conclusions. The audio file and transcript provide patient specific information in all of the following areas. Please be sure to fully address each area.
Holistic Perspective: Based on the person’s background and the audio clip, look at the person holistically and provide a summary of their needs. Include citations from course resources to support the assessment in this section.
Mind (emotional health, stress)
Body (physical)
Spirit (religion, spirituality, connection to a higher power)
Socioeconomic factors
Health System Perspective: Select a health setting in the Western New York area with which you are familiar and explore the following regarding this setting: –
Mission –
Accessibility –
Demographics on population(s) served –
Staffing –
Hours of service –
Services available –
Payment method
Based on your assessment of the person assigned, their health beliefs, and your assessment of the health care setting:
Describe any barriers that may inhibit this person from seeking health care in the setting you have selected.
Describe any bridges that may assist this person in receiving health care in the setting you have selected.
Delineate recommendations for the provision of holistic care for persons from this person in the setting you have selected.
What ongoing holistic needs do you anticipate for this person? Please address mind, body, spirit, culture and socioeconomic status – use the holistic perspectives section of this paper help you anticipate ongoing needs.
The paper should be written using APA formatting guidelines and 5-6 pages in length (not including the title page or reference page) using current references to support the rationale for your decisions for this patient. Use headings and provide in-text citations as appropriate. Last, use third person voice; NO “I” statements.
This assignment will be reviewed by SafeAssign when submitted. Please make sure to review the report.

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