develop an essay of about 3-5 pages in length on the theme of “The God Question Today.”

Must be 3 pages in length or a bit over
“Using your own observations, thoughts and experience, as well as insights and perspectives gained from class, develop an essay of about 3-5 pages in length on the theme of “The God Question Today.” By the “God Question” is meant the possibility of religious faith in the 21st-century. Some questions you may want to consider are: evidences for and against belief in God the place that religion may or may not have in a scientific/technological society, the future of belief, the future of religion, your personal statement of belief – Your paper will be graded on the following criteria: familiarity and ability to dialogue with ideas and authors discussed during the semester, use of terminology discussed in class, your own thoughtfulness and ability to synthesize course material, creativity in expressing your thoughts and beliefs + overall presentation (correct grammar, spelling, punctuation).”
The only usable source is my notes, which have been attached, this must be referenced and personal opinion added, this isn’t a formal paper. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and I myself will take action if this is the case.

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