design a field trip for your class to learn more about some or all of the material covered in the course.

Objective: Design a field trip relating to the content learned and include a lesson plan, an assessment, and a written reflection.
Your goal for this assignment is to design a field trip for your class to learn more about some or all of the material covered in the course. You can focus on a small number of topics, or a large number of topics- it is completely up to you. This will need to be a real field trip with actual locations (You must identify the location, provide address, phone and cost). Local locations are the most likely scenario in terms of budget and convenience, so try to focus on areas around you now, or at least where you would like to teach in the future.
You will need to include a lesson plan for the field trip (a template is included for you at the top of our course page-use it!!), a brief post-trip assessment to measure what students learned on the field trip, and a written reflection of the field trip. Please include all of these assignments on the same single Word document and upload it to our Moodle course.
Microsoft Word document
Everything is included in a single document and uploaded into Moodle
Lesson Plan:
The provided template is used.
The plan must be detailed and complete. You must consider the time students arrive at school until the time they are dismissed for home.
Post-trip Assessment:
Must accurately reflect material from course AND field trip.
Must include a combination of question types.
Must be at least 10 questions long.
Must include a grading rubric for questions.
Written reflection:
Must be at least 3 paragraphs long
Include details about what you need to do to prepare for the field trip (i.e. money, signed forms from parents, safety measures, chaperone guidelines, student dress code, attendance, food. etc.).
Problems you can foresee on the field trip and how you will correct/avoid them, etc. — anything relevant here.
How you can grow the field trip in the future (cost, transportation needs, other classes attending, etc. —anything relevant here).
The sections should be in this order:
Lesson Plan (use template at the top of the course)
Post-Trip Assessment
Written Reflection

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