Describe any uncertainties that you have about practice evaluation.

Getting Started
This journal activity provides an additional opportunity to engage in self-reflection about your supervision this week, in light of what you have been learning about practice evaluation and outcomes. Your workshop activities on outcomes and evaluation might have raised questions about how your field placement agency is evaluating the effectiveness of its services. Perhaps you talked with your supervisor about a practice evaluation approach, such a single subject design, that you would like to measure progress over time with a particular client. Use this journal activity to reflect on what you discussed during supervision and how you will use what you discussed to improve your own knowledge about practice evaluation.
Background Information
Regularly assessing whether your clients are achieving the outcomes that they hope to achieve is important to good clinical practice. After reflecting on your supervision session this week, continue to think about ways that you can assess outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of your services at your field placement agency. If your discussion with your supervisor revealed that there are currently no systematic ways of assessing progress at your field agency, consider whether proposing an evaluation plan could be a part of your learning experience. If this is not possible given the remaining time you have in field placement, consider how you might use the lessons you learned to improve your future practice evaluation.
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Your journal is a place where you can record thoughts regarding a specific topic or assignment.
In your journal for this week, please answer the following questions:
Describe any uncertainties that you have about practice evaluation. For example, are you worried that practice evaluation might indicate that your services are inadequate or inferior? How will you manage those feelings?
Discuss how individual clinical social workers or other providers at your placement agency evaluate services with their individual clients. How are these tools used in clinical practice with the client? If they are not used, how might they be?
Describe one or two ways that with the support of your field supervisor, you could increase your opportunities to evaluate the effectiveness of practice at your field placement agency. Be specific about what you can do.
I work with Moutain Comperhensive Care. You can look it up and you can read about the company.
I am a clinican that works with clients that are in active addiction ages 18 and up.

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