create a community needs assessment plan to address a specific social problem.

Below are all the papers that was written in this class to make up the community assesment plan. Please read through all the papers to get a good understanding. In those papers, are what you need to do this paper. It has all the goals, stakeholders, etc. Please make sure the paper inlcudes a introduction, body paragraphs with headers and a conclusion. You can use the references that are listed in the previous papers (which are the attachments). THIS IS A COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT PLAN paper that is being did. The instructions are below from my instrutor:
” For the Final Project, you will create a community needs assessment plan to address a specific social problem. As you do so, you will integrate aspects of prevention, consultation, and advocacy into your plan. A community needs assessment is a tool that helps social change agents advocate for a population that is adversely affected by a social problem and consult with knowledgeable community members to address the social problem and prevent its recurrence”
The social problem I came up with was how depression in adoloscence affects them psychollogically, emotionallhy, and academically. However the for community needs assesment plan, you will come up with a plan to address the social problem.

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