choose a music video that exhibits one or more of the following: 1) expresses a connection to the divine

For this assignment, you will choose a music video that exhibits one
or more of the following: 1) expresses a connection to the divine, 2) is
transgressive in regards to socio-religious boundaries, 3) demonstrates
syncretism of cultural and or religious elements, 4) is a platform for
protest/change within a cultural/religious system. This project is a
combination of critical analysis and research and must have the
following components:
Critical Analysis: Your analysis must include 1) the video 2) the
lyrics 3) the music. How does the video express the lyrics visually? Format Choices
Essay: 700 – 1000 words (not including lyrics) OR
Record your analysis using images. May include ppt etc.. NO MORE THAN 10 minutes! 12 – 13 minutes if you include the analysis of your creative component.
Bibliography, MLA/APA/Chicago – Your analysis must have research. You are not limited to academic sources.
Creative Component: Visual analysis of the song as an album cover.
What does your song “look like?” You will create your own album cover –
do not insert the actual album cover and analyze it.
One-page written analysis of the album cover. This may be included
in your recording if you choose that option. Be mindful of the time
Grading on a scale of 100 – I will check your proposal to see if you
incorporated my feedback, especially with proper MLA/APA formatting.
Essay or Recording: 70 (content analysis, use of quality sources, proper citation, grammar)
Bibliography: 15 (Proper format)
Creative Component and One page analysis: 15

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