Learning Goal: I’m working on a machine learning project and need support to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a machine learning project and need support to help me learn.The purpose of this project is to explore an important area of machine learning whichis to mine data that occurs naturally in the form of graphs. Graph data is present in anumber of applications, ranging from road networks, computer networks, socialnetworks, gene regulatory networks, diagnostic systems, to name just a few.In this project we shall take the approach of synthetizing the data that we need. Ratherthan sourcing real world data which is another approach that we could have taken, wewill rely on synthetic data. Using synthetic data has the advantage that we cangenerate as much data as we desire and, most importantly, can configure the networksaccording to our own objectives. These advantages enable us to model diversescenarios which in general is not possible with limited quantities of real-world data.We will create networks with the help of the networkx Python library. The fulldocumentation for the library is available from: NetworkX Reference. Start-up code forthe project is available from the Modules folder in Canvas.attached the document please refer to the whole thing

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