What do other health care professions think of my profession

Reflection: “What do other health care professions think of my profession?”
Our value as a profession can be identified in a number of ways. The ability to function in an interdisciplinary environment effectively requires a 360 degree perspective. Incorporating at least one of the resources found on the assignment page or a resource found on your own, the student is to submit a reflection on the following statement, “What do other health care professions think of my profession?” This refection must be from the perspective of at least two other healthcare disciplines (not RTs). This reflection should be a minimum of 500 words with at least two referenced citations.
Use at minimum a three-paragraph format
Introduction: restate the question, state your position relative to the reflection
Body: present the reasons you have taken that position in your introduction
Conclusion: tie together your opening and supportive arguments in summation.
Submissions are to be in APA 7th Ed format, 12 pt Times New Roman font, include a title page, and upload as a Word document file with your last name.
Assignment must have at least one of the attached references included.
Assignment is done as how other professionals view respiratory therapists.

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