society to change how we view organs-from seeing them as a national resource to thinking of them as ‘the resource of potential organ donors

Alexander T. Tabarrok (491) argues for “society to change how we view organs-from seeing them as a national resource to thinking of them as ‘the resource of potential organ donors, while Virginia Postrel (494) asserts that we should allow “felven a limited market in kidneys.” Using support from these essays, additional research, and your own life experiences, construct an argumentative/persuasive essay that clearly and logically explains why you either agree or disagree that offering organ donors compensation is a moral/ethical solution to the organ shortage, Patricia Smith’s (106), Quinn Matthew’s (413) or Juan Williams’ (363) essays may
also provide additional insights on ethical/moral issues.
Your paper must be between six (6) to seven (7) pages, double-spaced, with a font not exceeding twelve (12) and must adhere to MLA formatting, citation, and documentation rules/standards. Your “Works Cited” page counts as a page. “Pages” here refer to the entire page, not portion of same.
This is a research paper, therefore, in addition to the sources in your text, you must have a minimum of three (3) others: one from a newspaper, one from a scholarly journal, and one from the Internet, for a total of five (5) sources, minimum. Other sources may include magazines, journals, and so on. Please attach copies of newspaper, internet, or journal articles, with sections you have paraphrased or quoted highlighted or underlined. If even the slightest instance of plagiarism is detected, the paper will not be graded, effectively receiving an “F.”
All sources used must be properly cited per MLA, both in text and on your “Works Cited” page. Use effective paraphrasing and citing to avoid plagiarism. Remember, all directly quoted material must be placed within quotation marks and cited per MLA.
Due Date: – in class. No extensions, excuses, or emails (unless prior arrangements have
been made). Retain a copy for your records, as original may not be returned.

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