read multiple mythological hero stories and evaluated how much each qualified as a hero’s journey.

Step 1:
First watch one hero movie of your choosing from the approved list below:
Star Wars Episode IV
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Matrix
The Wizard of Oz
The Goonies
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Batman Begins
Iron Man
The Lion King
Finding Nemo
Spider Man
Step 2
Essay Prompt
In Module 5, you learned about the hero’s journey and what it means to be a hero. You read multiple mythological hero stories and evaluated how much each qualified as a hero’s journey.
For this essay, keeping in mind everything you’ve learned about heroes, you will analyze the hero of one of the movies from above, and argue whether or not they should be considered a hero. If you argue that he/she is not a hero, you must explain what it is about this character that disqualifies him/her as such, using Joseph Campbell as a guide. If you argue that he/she is a hero, then you must explain what it is about the character that qualifies him/her as such, using the qualities of an epic hero AND Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as a guide.
Essay Guidelines
Please keep the following guidelines in mind:
You must use the MLA format
Your essay will be 4-5 pages long ( a minimum of four FULL pages long)
You will include a Works Cited page
You must refer back to at least five of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Archetype
Should include two sources (outside of the myths we’ve read, the movie itself and Campbell’s journey) in your essay for support
If you claim that your main character of the movie is a hero, then you must match him/her up from one of the Hero types you read about in Module 2 (i.e. innocent, warrior, caregiver, explorer, etc…) in your essay and explain how/why the main character aligns with that type of hero
DO NOT summarize the movie, but instead analyze how the main character does or does not qualify being a hero utilizing Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey archetype in addition to the qualities of a hero:
Heroes are often of obscure or mysterious origin.
Heroes are neither fools nor invincible.
Heroes are called upon to make a journey or to follow a goal/quest.
The hero’s way is not always direct or clear to him.
The hero’s way is beset with danger, loneliness and temptation.
Many quest tales supply friends, servants, or disciples as company for the hero.
The hero has a guide(s).
The hero descends into darkness and is not the same after emerging from the darkness.
What the hero seeks is usually no more than a symbol of what he really finds.
With few exceptions, mythological heroes are male.

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