Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
Logic of Arguments and Critical Thinking
In critical thinking and arguments, typically, there are two specific ways to argue – inductively and deductively.
Inductive Arguments are based upon the estimation of the probable truth of premises. For example:
“I observe that each evening at 5:00 pm, the streets of downtown become crowded with workers.”
It is highly likely that the increased crowd are people that work downtown.
Therefore, it is highly likely that the work day ends for these people at 5pm.
Deductive Arguments are different in that they proceed without any room for probability. For example:
X is a book; All books have pages in them; Therefore, X has pages in it.
Read through this chapter on Critical Thinking and Logic:

Critical Thinking and Reasoning: Logic and the Role of Arguments

Paying specific attention to the role of arguments in critical thinking.
Begin thinking about some of the inductive and Deductive arguments you have experienced recently – you’ll need these for this week’s Lesson! smile
Based on what you know about Inductive and Deductive reasoning, prepare an in-depth Venn Diagram that compares/contrast the differences between the two concepts. One side should focus on Inductive Reasoning, while the other side should focus on Deductive Reasoning. The middle part of the diagram should focus on their similarities.
Upload your Venn Diagram here. Be creative in developing your Venn Diagram (i.e., use powerpoint or word)!

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